Bhajan Maholsavam & State Level Bhajan Workshop for Lead Singers in the State on 8th Aug at Aluva.


As decided in the state level meeting on 14th June 2015 , the State Level Balavikas Bhajan Maholsavam & a Workshop for Lead Singers will be Conducted as given Below :

Date : 8th August 2015 Second Saturday Venue : Sree Sai Vidya Vihar , Aluva

10.00 am – Registration Begins: Selected Balavikas Students with Gurus/ Parents will be arriving.

Also State Level Bhajan Team Members as Suggested by State In Charge Bhajan (as Approved

by the State President) also arrive as Judges for the Balavikas Bhajan Maholsavam. Minimum 3

Singers will be there. State Level Instrumentalists also will be required which will be arranged by

the State in charge.

11.00am – Bhajan Maholsavam Begins – Inauguration by State President

The Students selected from District will be singing as Lead Singers for the Bhajan.

( appox 75 Bhajans) This may take a minimum of 3 – 4 Hours.

4.30 pm – Selection of Bhajans for the Selected Team of Balavikas Students as State Level Singers who will

sing for the balasangamam on 27th Aug 2015 at Parthi

7.00 pm – Bhajan Singing – A Class by Sri Ramesh Sadashiva

8.00 pm – End of the Day

District Level Bhajan Team Members from all districts & also other Lead singers will be arriving either during the 1st day night or they can arrive before 9am on the Second Day ie on Sunday 9th August 2015

Date : 9th August 2015 Sunday

5.30am – Omkaram , Suprabhatham,

6 00am – Jyothir Dhyaanam Class – A M Prabhakaran , State Vice President

7.30am – Break Fast

8.30am – Bhajan

9.00 am – Bhajan Workshop – Programme by Sri T V Hariharan “Bhajan Experiences with Swami “

( Sri T V Hariharan is the Composer of hundreds of Sai Bhajans and he is having many wonderful

Experiences with Swami.)

1.00 pm – Mangalaarathi

This will be a Golden opportunity for All Lead Singers of the State. District Bhajan Incharges may motivate the Members of the District Bhajan Team & also other Lead Singers who wish to attend the Programme. Please send a list of Lead Singers ( Not BV Students) who will be Participating by SMS to 9447408213 or E Mail before

1st August 2015. All are requested to give maximum publicity & awareness to this State Level programme.

List of Balavikas Bhajan Team Members from the Districts will be sent by Balavikas DICs.

All DPs / DCs are requested to instruct the respective DICs & Samithi Conveners to send the Lead Singers for this Programme.

Details of State Meeting on 9th August will be sent by State President within a couple of days.

In Sai Seva

Prabhakaran A M

SVP , SSSSO, Kerala