In the present Age of Kali, there is so much hatred between brothers. When there is no unity within the family, is it possible to bring about unity amidst all persons in this world? In many platform speeches, people address each other as brothers and sisters. We must ask ourselves whether such words are coming from the depths of our hearts or whether we are simply reading them from a piece of paper. If you truly mean the words ‘brothers and sisters’ from the depths of your heart, you most definitely will win the grace of the Lord and good consequences will follow. Never worry or fear that you may have to distribute your ancestral property, or share wealth with those whom you address as brothers and sisters. It is necessary and sufficient if you realise and accept that one common Divine is present in every one of you and is the basis for brotherhood amongst all of humanity. [Divine Discourse, Summer Showers in Brindavan 1974, Ch. 13] – BABA