Happiness generally relates to bodily comforts and is transient. Such temporary pleasure comes to us for a few moments but very soon plunges us into deep sorrow. But the kind of bliss that one gets through the Soul (Atma) is permanent, pure and selfless. Hence spiritual education (Brahma Vidyā) advocates that love must be cultivated for love’s sake only. You must not express love to merely obtain material benefits. If love is showered to win temporary benefits, then it will last for a very short time only. Divine Atma symbolises eternal truth and is permanent. Therefore Prema attached to Atma will be true and permanent. This infinite love and eternal truth is present in every being (jīva). If we focus on developing love and truth for its own sake, then we will experience bliss supreme. That is why the Upanishads advocate Selfless Love as ‘Satyasya satyaṃ’ or the Truth of truths. [Divine Discourse, Summer Showers in Brindavan 1974, Ch. 1-18] – BABA