Mahila Nagarasankeerthan
Lalitha Sahasra Namarchana
Sai Shasra Namarchana
Sreesooktha Japam
Mahila Bhajan
Free Rice Distribution to Selected Families
Narayaneeya japam
Cleaning Programme
Balavikas: This is the most important activity that Swami bestowed to Mahilas.
Mother & Child Programme: This programme benefits poor mothers who lack health awareness and     nutritious food.
Mahila Satsang : Mahilas conduct study of scriptures and special spiritual recitals in which general devotee     mahilas also participate.
Anganavaadi Seva: Mahilas use to visit Anganavaadies and conduct Health Awareness Classes to Children     & Mothers. Distribute Sai Protein for the students
Participation in SSSVIP ( Sri Sathya Sai Village Integrated Programme). In 5 Samithies Mahilas Regularly     participate in this programme ion all Sundays, visiting villages and doing seva activities.
The other activities of Mahilas include Lead Role in Medicare , Daily Narayanaseva programme , Spreading     Swami’s message by house to house visits ( Divine Message Service – DMS)
Visiting Asylums and Mahila Rescue centers , console the inmates , remain with them , praying for them Mahilas are participating with high Enthusiasm in Prashanthi Seva which is considered as the noblest seva     in the direct vicinity of our beloved Swami.
  Special Functions :
Thiruvathira Programme
Navarathri – 10 day Mahila Special Programme
Mahila Sangamam – District Level
Akhanda Sai Gayathri Japam
Likhitha Japa Sadhana