Rathri means night, signifying darkness. Shiva means auspiciousness. ‘Shivarathri’ signifies auspiciousness which is inherent in darkness. It refers to the wisdom which exists in the midst of ignorance. Wisdom and ignorance are not two different things; they are essentially the same, opposite polarities of the same underlying principle. The state that transcends both wisdom and ignorance is Divinity, Paratatva. This Shivarathri is a day when one tries to establish friendship between mind and God. Shivarathri reminds everyone of the fact that Divinity is all-pervasive and is to be found everywhere. It is said that Shiva lives in Kailasa. But where is Kailasa? Kailasa is our own mind full of joy and bliss. It means that when you develop purity, steadiness and sacredness from within, your heart becomes filled with peace and bliss, and ultimately your heart itself is Kailasa. [Divine Discourse 17 Feb 1985]-BABA